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Jan - March 2013  
An essential component of democracy is the provision of avenues for citizens to participate in governance at the federal, state or local level. CLEEN Foundation has over the years placed emphasis on reforms, in both the justice and security sectors, to create more space for constructive citizens’ engagement and also strengthen the capacity of key institutions in those sectors to perform their functions. This is done through programmes aimed at educating the public on different issues relating to governance and security and encouraging them to engage state institutions / agencies and public officials at various levels constructively with a view to identifying the challenges... download more
April-June 2013  

This edition of the CLEE Newsletter is primarily focused on accountability of government and the responsibility of the citizens too. Most times when the term accountability is used, we believe it is often a one way traffic from the government and its agencies to the citizens. However, we leave out the second traffic line which is the responsibility on the part of citizens to interrogate policies, actions of government, uphold the role in a responsible manner. CLEEN Foundation has, over the years, mainstreamed this dual traffic principle into its activities thereby strengthening public accountability processes in Nigeria through active citizens’ participation. This newsletter also reflects on some of the activities done by the organisation between April and June 2013... download

Jan - March 2017  

This newsletter is produced to disseminate the work of CLEEN Foundation to local and global audience. This edition conveys the information about project activities carried out by the organization from January to March, 2017. It provides briefs on various activities implemented through our three offices (Abuja, Lagos and Owerri) in Nigeria, with a view to strengthening collaboration between the government and the citizens on broader issues of accountable governance, violence prevention and conflict resolution, justice sector reform and security governance in Nigeria. The activities featured in this edition underscore the effectiveness of the collaboration between state actors and the citizens towards achieving better results in the areas of public safety and ... download

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